Power Pad vs Power Plate


I am thinking about selling old Nintendo Power Pads as Green Vibration Platforms as they are available for 24.99 on ebay. Since the Power Plate is $2,000.00 USD and requires a lot of voltage, I will resell the Power Pads at $800.00 that require no electricity. Of course I will include a copy of the instructions for the twister game for dynamic advanced mobility integration system (DAMIT), the most advanced moves for Dance Dance Revolution for SAQ, a foam roller for recovery work, and it’s portable like a yoga mat. Jokes aside, vibration platforms are great for the 1% in theory but are a waste of time and energy. More efforts on people not moving or dumbing down training is not what we need. I would rather spend the time teaching people how to move, as each year it’s not getting easier to do. My point about vibration platforms is that they seem not to do anything conventional training can do, and no research shows that a good program absent of vibration training is inferior.

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Carl Valle

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