I am in agreement with Dr. Sands that inflammation is part of the repair process but how much is too much inflammation? My catch phrase is controlled burns not wildfires, meaning we want a near optimal level of stress that the body’s own natural system can self-repair after heavy training or competition. Foolishly following Dr. Colgan I used mega doses of anti-oxidants and found out I was likely to be blunting the responses I was trying to enhance. Most of the time ice baths are not necessary unless one is near injured or just had a monster performance. Ice baths are for competition and after a hard training cycle only, and stay in the tub for longer periods of time. The dunk and run nonsense doesn’t have a logical application. We are trying to cool the hard working muscles and joints, not scare the skin! What does the research say? Attached in the blog discussion are two great studies on cold showers and depression and the Chukyo study on cold therapy.

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Carl Valle

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