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One thing I learned from Alan’s talk was the concept of vertical integration which I understand is a Charlie concept and I know you are familiar with. What are differences between vertical integration and concurrent periodization model? Am I missing something? – A Strength Coach

Add in S2L or L2S (Short to long and long to short) and this discussion can get quite interesting. Alan talked about high-low sequencing, yet strangely nobody commented on the fact that hard-easy wasn’t used in some circles. In one review of a D1 program football program, this coach was using a hip dominant day followed by a knee dominant day with back to back lateral and straight ahead speed work. When I stated on phone they were doing two hard days back to back, and fatigue pattens were likely to be the culprit of the injuries and not lack of airex pad squats it was clear that we as coaches forgot the easy hard principal of Bowerman (don’t listen to track coaches, ha!). What is easy? What is hard? What about strength phases and sub categories of strength and what about motor skill and power development? Messy, Messy, Messy. Energy Envelope? Central Drive Theory? It’s not just conjugate and or concurrent. One of my athletes that trained in Toronto did three speed sessions in a row! Was that high/low or DI (Distribution Intensive?). After years of using Vertical Integration I am going to more of a SSD program, as vertical integration with S2L is too demanding for those that don’t have the same soft tissue therapy budget.

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