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Posture is not easy. Some athletes walk around like they lost the Superbowl and this is why I like Alan’s talk at the BSMGP. Alan brought up the fact that personality has a correlation between injuries with athletes, perhaps hinting that corrective exercise is not the panacea many think. He saw the relationship between the art of coaching and sports science (namely sports medicine). When I read about posture in a 1940s PE book they mentioned how important creating confidence in young boys to encourage good posture. The book included a picture of a sapling growing, it was very similar to the bonsai tree example I wrote about earlier about addressing posture early in the career and the training season. Athletes need to start off feeling confident in your program and about their abilities to be good, and cocky athletes seem to have great posture in general. So doing 3×12 of a corrective exercise may help, but athletes are 24 hour creatures and need a coach, not just a trainer. I care more about the pelvis but upper back work starts with a complete program that encourages those positions under real load. Back squats, power cleans from the floor, snatches, and restoration work on developing this. It takes years and is hard work, but it’s worth it.

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Carl Valle

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