Vexed by Voodoo


They are the exceptions. More common are the “voodoo” treatments, he said. And what might those be? None other than ice and heat and ultrasound, Dr. Irrgang said. Also, he said, there is no evidence showing laser and release – a massage technique – to be effective in helping injuries heal.

In a classic article (click here) from the New York Times. It’s old but I am starting to get a lot of requests for re-rehabilitation work up in Boston with athletes that are not healed properly. Since many of us will deal with injuries, I think I will start sharing what I have learned from great therapists that we can do with our own clients. I am under the belief that good training is corrective exercise. I wasn’t sold on Bill Hartman and my mediacast will be up on youtube soon to share why. Bill did a good job sharing what he believes to be true, but many coaches and I were left with more questions than answers in regards to injury reduction when Alan spoke on injury prevention with regards to vertical integration (read CFTS) and why corrective work may not be accurate. In the mediacast I will not only share what each speaker highlighted, I will share what I got after placing their best points side by side.

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Carl Valle

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