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I will give credit to those who spent their weekend attending the 2010 BSMPG Seminar in Boston, it was worth the time for anyone trying to get a good understanding of training. I attended 3/4 of the seminar and will review via mediacast. I attended the presentations of Dr. Sands, Bill Hartman, Mike Boyle, Alan DeGennaro, and Sean Skahan. I leaned from each speaker a few items and feel that we can learn from. Dr. Sands did a nice job with recovery with athletes, Mike Boyle had a strong argument for removing squats, Bill Hartman spoke about of potential of corrective exercise, Alan DeGennaro spoke about vertical integration (Charlie Francis system) and a way to view it as injury reduction instead of the classic model of sports medicine, and Sean Skahan shared what he does each year with the Anaheim Ducks. For those interested in the mediacast (narrated powerpoint + photos) please private message me to be put on the list. Above is a video of last year’s speakers.

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Carl Valle

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