Edward Tufte, Gait, and Latif Thomas


I wanted to place this illustration up as a reference to the concepts of clarity of Edward Tufte. Megan Jaegerman illustrates some of the abnormal gait differences when one is concealing a handgun. In my books post Edward Tufte is one of those outside the profession authors I highly suggest. As we all know coaching is effective communication, and I suggest at least perusing through his works at Barn’s and Nobles. I plan to investigate more ways to keep things clear vs keep things simple.

All three points intersect here. What does the consumer want? When feeding the masses, Latif is correct about most coaches don’t want to do research, spend time studying biomechanics, or do much work to get their athletes faster. This is the truth and this is a shame. It’s easier to take a pill, buy a faster bike, better bat, and more high tech swim suit vs doing the dirty work. I can’t fault him for supporting that market. In fact, I praise some of his products for doing just that as it allows good information to be shared among many coaches. His complete series is just that effective and I encourage anyone to purchase those products. My concern is that many coaches stop after getting the upfront information as it’s all I need. In reality the best coaches at every level maintain a sound investigation of doing a better job every day.

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