Mediacast Part 2: North American Sprint Camp Tour


In the second part of the mediacasts I will share the raw observations of my visits and observations of the major players in the sprint world here in the United States and Canada. While I could not get everyone on this list that is worthy of mention, I must share what I feel were major influences in what I believe in. John Smith, Charlie Francis, Dan Pfaff (Austin, Montreal), and the LSU past and present (Shaver, Shexnayder, Seagrave) will be covered. What I can only share was my observations of the athletes in training and some in competition, as a week of visits just was watching workouts during a mini vacation. Some of the sprint gurus were at seminars that I exchanged questions and some of their athletes were interviewed. I will highlight workouts done, coaching nuggets,therapy, pack dynamics (training group interactions) , world championships and national championships warm-ups, great stories, and of course what I believe we can take home. Note: I will be not including Trevor Graham and Remi Korchemny as my visits didn’t pick up information that is useful or effective. The running time is nearly two hours and has received some great reviews by many great coaches.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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