Wooden – The Teacher


I recently picked up a book You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned by S. Nater and R. Gallimore. I’ve read a few chapters, faxed a few chapters to friends, and started some interesting discussions.

Wooden was the consummate teacher who was organized, demanding, yet humble. One of the best chapters is It’s What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts Most. I think back to some earlier years where I said to myself ok, I’ve got this figured out only to realize years later that I wasn’t even close. Many passages in the book provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-improvement. This book was originally mentioned in The Talent Code (J. Coyle) which is another great read as Vern suggested several weeks ago.After we master biomechanics, training theory, sets, reps, meters, foot contacts, rest:work ratios, therapeutic methods, testing, etc… we still have to go out and teach. That’s really the essence of what we do. Those who have talent and can teach, who can get their message across… those are the master teachers.

Wooden was, Wooden is a master teacher.

Kebba Tolbert

Kebba Tolbert

Sprints - Hurdles - Jumps Coach at Harvard
Kebba Tolbert is in his third season as the women’s sprints/hurdles and horizontal jumps coach for Harvard in 2013-14 and second as associate head coach of the squad. Tolbert has coached multiple All-Americans and National Champions. .
Kebba Tolbert


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