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For those liking my old article Building Speed Demons you will love my Pierre-Jean Notes, it is my best work to date. This is a collection of the best information I have picked up from PJ as he is a great resource. I had the luxury of picking his brain and my questions were answered in full. I will be sending out paypal requests to the emails I have and will be sending out the CDs to Black Star Labs for those making orders of $98.48 (world record for Men’s Javelin) or more. Don’t call BSL asking for it as I will email each purchase for those who forward me your confirmation email of your order. PM me for more details. Also I will contact Mike on doing another give away on HPC videos as many of you are interested in future videos with big names in the sport of Athletics. While I can’t promise anything, some releases of previously unpublished work by some big authors look to be a great bargain.
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