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A guilty pleasure of mine is Pierre-Jean, a great resource to my understanding the context of performance. I will be including my notes on his presentation with the Henk Kraaijenhof video. His information shared in messageboards and his 2008 presentation in Sundsvall was outstanding, given his first language is French. After a few months that lead to over a year, I have finally been able to finally review his presentation on high level sprinting. It was very detailed and the strength of the information was the charts and his precise record keeping- and his presentation notes were edited for reading ease for those ordering the Henk Kraaijenhof Video. The video was shot in a private seminar and is a true value. Again, if you want true insight on history of what athletes are doing in reality instead of what is theory, this video will be a great addition to see true scores of numbers in the weights and workouts instead of rumors or internet nonsense.

For those interested in the video and lecture notes I will be mailing them out every week on Saturday before traveling to meets using USPS. Note you don’t need paypal but I will be invoicing paypal for those wishing to purchase the video. Also shipping is six dollars and will include tracking numbers so you know I will not be like one webmaster in Toronto we all know and take months getting what you have paid for. I will be doing more video/education products with some great people that are not very good in the business/technology realm that can truly share what is going on. One video that we plan to do is a live therapy session with director cut type audio overdub that may be a big seller to those wishing to use sports massage or ensure their therapists are doing the right thing. I am also excited to pass the torch of blogging to Matt Gardner as his writing is excellent and a fresh voice is needed.
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