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Henk Kraaijenhof, P.T., B.A. is a performance consultant to international elite athletes in athletics, speed-skating, volleyball, bobsleigh, triathlon, fencing, archery, swimming, tennis, handball and soccer. He has coached individuals and teams to national success in Olympic and world level competition including sprinters Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey and Troy Douglas. He is currently technical director of Nemesis BV, a company that develops and sells hi-tech training and measuring systems for sports in the Netherlands. He has published work in performance, training systems and protocols for elite athletes and has also conducted research in the development and application of scientific training systems as well as being involved in scientific research projects in human sports performance in Norway, Estonia, Italy and the Netherlands.

Perhaps one of the most thought provoking track coaches, Henk Kraaijenof seems to be on the cutting edge of everything he does and shares some fantastic insights in training elite female athletes vs training male athletes. For speed and sport science enthusiasts his video on training women of elite caliber is a must see as well as those that train men. Filmed last summer in Sweden, Henk covers fantastic information that not only explains the differences in men and women training wise, but reviews the art of coaching from a unique perspective. Real information you can use this video is a refreshing view of what coaches must be aware of in order to fully develop female athletes. The 75 minute lecture reviews important concepts in sports training from the cellular level to working with the human side of athletes.

The DVD is limited to 50 copies and is exclusive to Elite Track Members only and is $29.00. Not only do you get the lecture Video and Power Point, but an array of other graphs and charts not published anywhere from the previous seminar and other educational conferences not found in North America. For those interested you must Private Message me as this is not available for those not registered with elitetrack.com
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