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Contrary to what the sprinting gurus tell you, horizontal force development is the most important component to sprinting speed. I cannot even believe that some gurus who I look up too can actually believe that vertical force development is the most important component to sprinting speed. I’ll completely dispel this misconception in a future article and book, but for now just start trying them out and see if they transfer to your sprinting. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from around the world regarding hip thrusts. I would estimate that fifty competitive sprinters and strength coaches have emailed me informing me that they (or their team) has set new personal records from incorporating hip thrusts into their arsenals. I’ve seen versions of them performed or prescribed by Mike Boyle, Christian Thibaudeau, Kelly Baggett, Tony Gentilcore, Joe DeFranco, Jason Ferruggia, Dave Tate, Andy Bolton, and Kevin Nee. They are definitely taking off!-Bret Contreras AKA the Glute Guy

Bret Contreras needs to meet the Gravity Guy and understand basic physics. Vertical forces are real and ironically he suggests sprinting for glute development in his T-Muscle article, yet his barbell thrusts are the holy grail to get glute development for horizontal displacement? His dispelling the vertical nature of sprinting and it’s importance in maximal velocity will be and exercise in fanny futility…
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