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I stumbled on an old piece of what looked like scrap paper yesterday. The thing had been in my ‘to do’ box at my home office for some time. Lo and behold it’s some notes I took from a John Smith coaching talk from a recent (2007?) Elite Sprint Development Seminar. John Smith has coached Mo Greene, Ato Boldon, and more recently Carmelita Jeter. Since there isn’t a ton of info available about what John does in training I figured I’d share what little I had in my notes. Disclaimer- the notes are scant and I’m filling in the blanks from a 2+ year old memory of the talk.

John breaks the 100 meter race down in to 5 parts:

  1. Start
    • Reaction Time
    • Block Clearance
    • Drive Phase
  2. Transition Phase
  3. Max Acceleration
  4. Maintenance
  5. Deceleration

Here are some sample workouts (each bullet point is a different workout):

  • 5 x 10m w/ 3′ rest; 4 x 20m w/ 3′ rest; 3 x 30m w/ 4-5′ rest
  • Flying sprints with a 20m run-in: 3 x 60m w/ 4′ rest; 3 x 60m w/ 90 sec rest (each gets faster); 3 x 60m w/ 4′ rest same pace or faster
  • 6 x 60m w/ 5′ rest; 300m or 400m very hard
  • 3 x 300m w/ 8′ rest
  • 4 x 250m w/ 7′ rest
  • 5 x 150m w/ 6′ rest
  • 6 x 120m w/ 5′ rest

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