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I can’t say enough good things about the USATF schools. I am one third the way into my career and I learn something every day from guys like Randy Gillon and Kebba Tolbert. Other great minds are also teaching at the USATF schools and it’s awesome to learn so much from not only the instructors but fellow coaches. The Level III school from Las Vegas was a true brain blast that inspired me to keep digging for the truth. The clip that I have up is a response to Carson and Joe Pence so they understand where many coaches get their information from. Here is an example of proximal tib/fib connections and the ankle/foot mechanics. I asked about this in my question and over the last few years it has helped me screen issues and the demands have been a lot of long nights reading the research and I have come to the conclusion four years later that some of his information was frightening real.
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