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The foot creates a chain reaction in regards to ground reaction forces going up the kinetic chain. Bozos that have,under documentation, have missed the big picture in regards to dorsiflexion with running, jumping, and throwing. It would be great if we could do foam rolling, static stretches, and isolated muscle exercises and create magic. In fact a lot of the short term self mobilization exercises have been researched to cause problems to joint capsules yet prescribing them makes more money. I frankly don’t care that false experts and cowardly people will click a 1 out of 5 or anonymously write noise as it only adds fire to the cause and stirs up more debate to proper therapy. Let the therapist do their job and get out of the way if you don’t know what you are doing. Countless times I have seen with my own eyes failed rehabs or blog post about failed comebacks and wonder if they are understanding why things don’t work. Members here have defected from local performance facilities and share in horror 16 week madness that didn’t do anything but maximum injuries. Ankles are more complicated than dorsiflexion and different causes of joint restriction will require specialized medicine. We will post some video of an elite athlete with beat up ankles from approaches that are convenient to the coach but poor solutions.

What to do? Keep grinding away people with knee rams on bad joint positions. Sure repeated flexion is bending a credit card to some, but repeated dorsiflexion on articular surfaces that are not aligned properly will only cause guys in their 30s to feel like a grandpa trying to defend crossovers from Kobe. Just like the airex pad videos and overtraining leg splits don’t be fooled by the snake oil salesman.
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