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Carl,Had a question for you. I hear all these gurus talking about activating the glutes prior to exercise or turn the glutes on or get them firing is the usual response given for these drills. Are the glutes ever “turned off”?? will they not fire under load (i.e sprinting, squatting, etc.) or is it more of a timing issue like Al Vermeil talks about with Comerfords stuff and the TA-Transverse Abd.If you take your athletes through a well planned sequential program, how much “turning on the glutes” before lifting running is necessary. Will the warm-up not be sufficient enough for this? Is it necessary to go back to preschool when we have graduated to at least 8th grade??Just wanted to get your thoughts on what is necessary and what is waste of time and or unnecessary?ThanksXXXX XXXXXX

This goes back to my earlier post in regards to the joint position and muscle recruitment and engagement. Elite guys are performing great while playing video games and driving all the time and not doing hip thrusts. The Janda stuff is not the holy scripture and now that Shirley is all the rage the next system or theory will be sharing a bias or style of rehab instead of a biomechanical and physiological solution. Do hip thrusts work when necessary? Yes. Are they the true absolute solution? No. Are they the root cause? No. Rehab exercises are for rehab silly rabbit. Doing intense rehab is not prehab or injury reduction programming. Good sound programs that solve the faulty biomechanics or deal with abnormal structures that deviate from the norm may be necessary. With a finite amount of time we are spending an enormous amount of time on corrective work that usually fixes tiny isolated muscles instead of movement systems. When the coach can fix the dysfunction the next excuse is pattern overload. True spending all the time on a road bike will likely cause kyphosis but let’s get real here. Corrective measures are a true investment in the entire program and soft tissue therapy and foam rolling doesn’t cut it.
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