How much Corrective Exercise is Enough?


My biggest issue with the corrective exercise stuff, as all the bright folks who responded to the post also stated, is that any movement/exercise can be corrective. I think too many of the experts have been spewing too much pseudo rehabilitation stuff and now everyone is over-thinking/over-correcting symptoms and playing the role of therapist. I thought exercise in general was theraputic and pro-active. What about true expert coaching of basics and allowing these basic gross movement patterns to do the correcting? – Aaron Schwenzfeier

True expert coaching of the root exercises indeed. Take a kid that can’t olympic lift well and see what his jumping abilities are. Corrective exercises ripped off from PT are just patch work reruns and tissue texture and great root training is far better than adding glute bridges. One valuable lesson I learned in Athens (1997 WC) is the important interaction of foot biomechanics and muscle engagement and recruitment. Activation is only for deactivation and if you are keeping the switch on from great training and proper foot interaction. Yet the gurus don’t share this as the information will not be found at your basic sports medicine/podiatry seminar.

EDIT: Case study of sports hernia based on foot mechanics (above illustration is part of a study I am witnessing with failed rehab) is our interest as many athletes are having problems with it because of some corrective exercise inclusions. Also the limits of jumping and sprinting biomechanics are creating even more problems with PTs that are prescribing the exact opposite protocols based on mechanics that don’t correlate. This is why I feel that the old school LSU rudiment program is the cornerstone to healthy bodies during the GPP
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