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With all of the great responses from the Poetry in Motion blog I will throw out this common issue with training. How much feedback is necessary, and what style matches what athlete. I don’t have the answer but my guess as little as needed. That is hard. No epic sagas but couplets and haikus. How to do it? Well that’s why 20-30 years will bring more answers than questions. Currently in year 12 my style is the same but my training construction is far different because I was trying to coach something that was not coordinative but had a biomotor demand that wasn’t developed. Now I am trying to use the Ashley Mort style of coaching, as reality trumps theory every time. Should we give feedback every rep of 10 x 20m runs? We all know that depends. We may coach intensely for a month and not say a word for a few weeks and see what happens. I am working on a statement in response to coach look at me as we all get the need to be observed. I think the best coaching is winning small battles every day to do things a little bit better. The breakthroughs are great stories for seminars and clinics but I feel that good coaching is just sound pedagogy, and not David Copperfield magic.
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