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Remedial Education Exercises. Elastic Power and Stiffness. Acute Transmutation. Yes the 60s life was good for Poland as a great interaction between the weightlifting community, athletics, and sports medicine. Now that the rush for blueprints for polish boxes is creating a firestorm, the reality is we need to see what they were doing precisely to deal with the shear amount of lower leg training. I am convinced that below the knee to the foot is the key to keeping track athletes healthy, and what they were doing in the 50s and 60s was better than what we are doing. We are doing corrective exercise and desperately playing catch-up instead of preparing to succeed.

Because of the specific lateral angles of polish boxes, the fibularis longus (AKA peroneus longus) is trained specifically to handle the intense forces. Sorry Shirley! I think Frans Bosch is right about stiffness demands, but his application is poor. After another year I think I will have the right formula and will be able to share this with athletes between the 5’9-6’3 range. Anyone experimenting and finding great results regarding polish boxes please share.
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