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I was wondering about any specific purchases I can make to help me coach a bit better. What is your pick? Any good jumps books or useful coaches tools? -Coach Rick

Good values? I would get the coaching manual by Boo Schexnayder. It’s located at Athletes Acceleration and can be found here. Great resource if you don’t have it now. Here are some cheap fixes.

(1) Winckler Pods- Cut tennis balls in half and use them as video or markers for sprinting. The most underrated tool as they are cheap, visual due to the yellow color, and you can place them in your bag. Many times athletes place them on the side of a lane when doing the sprints so that they can get 30m splits on film. Gary Winckler has some great stuff!

(2) Gator Skins- 2-3 man dodgeball is the greatest tempo day ever. Low impact. Lot’s of fun (key during the month of november when things get itchy) and safe. Play in a squash or racquet ball court. You can buy online here. The balls travel fast but are soft that a head shot doesn’t land you in the AD’s office. The athletes love it and it keeps people involved.

(3)Athletics Coaching Media- The videos are inexpensive and are from really good teaching coaches. Some coaches are great but they are not good at sharing their knowledge. Going to is a great investment.
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