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Self Assessment or Coach driven evaluations are ok but they are not orthopedic assessments. The trend now is to do a FMS or some sort of evaluation. This is a good process because no evaluation is a bad idea for most. Still, a good PT (don’t dare say Chiro!) is worth their weight in gold as they are looking at root problems not visual impairments. Fix the movement? Sorry Mr. Cook you are only porting software on bad hardware. I am not saying that good movement patterns are evil, but adapting motor programs on joint dysfunction just adds a longer fuse to the time bomb. Many athletes can learn to move with a good set of skills with injuries but go to the root and find out what is going on. Remember gurus, the health insurance bills never lie.

Invest into a therapist that will check your body head to toe. Get the evaluation and get a complete one. Check old injuries with real assessments before bogus corrective exercises are thrown in like a dash of the wrong spice in soup. Get real therapy, not static stretches and foam rolling. Remember the gurus are not trying to help you as an ebook or DVD telling you to get a Sports Therapy appointment wouldn’t make money. Strength Coaches or Renegade PTs are after your money and want you to buy their Home Fix product. Telling you to get 12 sessions of PT with a 20 dollar copay will not make them money even if helps you more.
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