Hammering Henk and “Iron Sides” Mike


Sometimes you get more than you pay for. The interviews are getting better on Athleticscoaching.ca and the interview of Henk Kraaijenhof is great. No Nonsense training and concepts. It really hits the head of the whole Bear Droppings thread and just shows those chasing numbers are just looking for the fountain of strength. I also have picked up a few pointers from the reality of dealing with Massachusetts weather from my mentor, and it was great to see he was doing a lifting program with a full series of 10+ sets of olympic lifts instead of the 4 x 2 stuff most do because they fill it up with corrective exercises that are caused by poor coaching. Apprenticeships are dying off, as today people want the two weeks to guru program and it’s great learning experience sharing ideas with great coaches. During this Thanksgiving break I suggest looking over the great free content at athleticscoaching.ca and pick up some great interviews and podcasts. Every day, the desk next to my chair is a guy with a wealth of information that I pick up every day.
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