Fast Twitch Uber Vacations and Anabolic Lactate


Can someone share with me the research and practical examples of how PH disruption (lowered) workouts from speed endurance like methods creates an anabolic primer? I mean how is a lowered PH better for muscle growth as it’s not on the WADA list? Also, all the talk about detraining and fiber conversion seems to confuse me when from a practical standpoint 3 month layoffs are suppose to convert people into type IIX freaks? This reminds me of the whole glutamine and burn victims research helping bodybuilders become hulks after a few shakes. I realize there is a lot more to my simplification of the processes but I need solid evidence and real life answers. Like the being in the weightroom longer than 45 minutes is catabolic, we need to investigate some of the training beliefs before they are handed down to the next athlete or coach.
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