Carl, I liked your icoach blog entry and wanted to know if you had any other suggestions for mac or non mac users. I am not a big computer person and need to catch up. I have a lot of things I am trying to upgrade and it would be a big help if you can guide me on how to start getting up to par on the technology end. Any more tips? You are a coach and an IT professional, what do you think I should do as a lay person to bring up to speed? I have several VHS tapes and my workouts are at work and home and have a hard time going back and forth as we travel a lot during the season. I was thinking of getting a mac laptop but I have a dell at the track office. What should I do?thanks,XXXXXXX XXXXXXX

You are not alone coach, here are some ideas to get you upgraded from the 1990s to 2009.

  1. Get a Canopus ADVC 110- Many of us have VHS tapes are trying to digitize them so we are not looking at a crate of grainy videos in a few years. It takes some work but you can create digital file of VHS tapes with a Canopus ADVC 110. Simply connect the VCR to the external device and then connect it it with a firewire/usb cable to your laptop. I am now VHS free and use itunes to play old videos on my laptop. This is a mac or windows solution. Currently I use Handbrake to convert DVDs that are of quality into my itunes so I am not having to bring a lot of loose laptops everywhere when we travel at meets.
  2. Get Dropbox- Sharing files between home, work, smartphones and mobiles is a pain in the butt. Google docs is ok for uploading PDFs and sharing them remotely on the cloud and I use them for workouts but actual files that I need to be liquid Dropbox is the way to go. You can get 1 Gig for free and it’s very handy for those looking to be remote and not having multiple files with various computers at home, work, and handheld. Also it works between OS such as mac to windows so it doesn’t matter what you get computer wise as it’s another cloud solution.
  3. Go Flip HD or Canon FS20 for your video camera- No tapes, just direct recording. The Canon FS20 is a great purchase because of price and features. Some of you may want high end studio level cameras but unless you are working with world class guys with long shots from Euro meetings you will be just fine with the Canon. Those that want something a bit more sturdy, the Flip cameras that are in HD are great when you add a waterproof case. Many outdoor meets and practices have a little sprinkle and often discourage video. The waterproof case is great.

Coach Valle,What do you suggest for some good online learning? I like videos as I find that I learn best with lectures. Anything you suggest? I am on a budget and can’t afford a lot of the stuff I see online and want to be better in both hurdles and sport science in general. Regards,XXXXX XXXXXXXX Grad Student at UCLA

Great timing. Here is a great set of videos suggested by the brilliant Hakan Anderson. They are free but the information is from a primary source. Not wannabees.

Hurdles First is the best source for hurdle information in the world. Steve McGill is an English teacher and his writing shows it! He has done more in the field than half the gurus out their. His website is just a joy to read. Unfortunately a lot of great coaches don’t have websites and their abilities are not respected because they don’t have a facility or product on the internet.
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