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It was good to talk to some great coaches on the phone to feel what others think about current subject matter and to bounce ideas off of people. I realized that getting your brains dirty is another problem we have in the industry. Read research or texts? Nope. I want a DVD to solve my problems coaches are saying subconsciously. I love DVDs but video media is people sharing their personal opinion, not a summary of research or the original study, so we must be careful. I will not get into business books or outside reading, but the key I believe is to have primary sources, not second hand summaries of summaries. For every video you should have 10 books, and for every book you should have 50 research studies. I like to have one research study done every day at least. At the end of 10 years you have 3500 research articles read at least. You should have 50 prime books on general subjects such as anatomy, physics, biology, physiology, and so on. For every study you must put in 2 hours of work on the practical side. How many people were following a knee dominant and hip dominant and linear/lateral split a few years ago when Training for Speedstyle=border:none introduced us to managing the CNS in the early 90s? Change?
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