Trench Warfare


In the trenches? What does that mean? I know many claim they are in the trenches but just training people for money is not the case. I think the definition is what percent of your income is from pure results and what business is a product of word of mouth? I don’t care if you work a four hour work week or slave away at 80 hours a week with a training group, what matters is the depth of your work solving issues that others are not aware of. I love products and educational resources but new information is usually not test driven very much. New discoveries are the blind leading the blind as changes from year to year are still new information that needs more debugging. Often new information is repackaged old with poor depth of understanding. One example of this is the LSU general strength bodybuilding circuits, how such a circuit is used during the year is very specific to a program and such a workout must be customized for the group you are working with. I have done a universal station in the early 90s and now starting to see how some of the European systems worked and failed. Much of the exercise selection is outdated (see minutes 7 and up) but some exercises are actually great and very applicable. After years of doing Tiger Influenced programs I can see why people fail and succeed with such measures. A cable bicep curl in a circuit is a great option for those that are using a split squat position (leg isos) and are allowing the vector to be at 45 degrees, thus using the posterior core and retractors of the shoulders. At first glance, the so called gurus will scoff at such a circuit but they are not realizing that this is just part of the big picture of training.
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