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In the trenches with those in their 20s? No matter how bright one is and how much you read, experience matters with Coaching. I believe that after 10 years I am 50% complete of the necessary time to become a great coach. Anyone knowing my hours I keep will realize that the 10,000 hour concept doesn’t apply for coaching track as true experiments to a program last 4 years per cycle at least. This means it may take 16 or 20 years of coaching to see if your program is truly working fully. An example would be a football strength coach developing an athlete from 18-22 years of age. After 4 years one can reflect on the program and then decide what to do. Seasonal evaluation is good but my belief after watching those with superior results are far more patient with looking at the success of a program besides a training cycle or even macrocycle. After the next 4 years of a new batch of freshman the results are compared of year 8 to year 4 and then programs are adjusted. Maybe in year 12 the third cycle is compared to the first and second. Of course the training program is often made after years of solid coaching so year 1 and cycle 1 is most likely in your mid twenties so it may be age 40 when one really has mastered the craft.
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