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One leg is better than two? Noted author Frans Bosch in his presentation at the USATF III school in Chicago left many of us wondering why lift at all if conventional training is so poor for sprinting. We do know that various research papers will agree and disagree with the squat and clean but we know that some combination of training methods will be the answer. Frans believes that lifting with one leg is better than two as his video sequence of Arnold Schwarzenegger was his evidence that bodybuilding means would ruin coordination to the point of running like a drunk pledge. Such evidence is merely a ploy and propaganda for his beliefs, and with little evidence of effective methodology I would argue his coaching side has yet to be proven. Often single leg exercises artificially overload the stabilizers to the point they change to artificial roles, such as the quadratus lumborum, because the unnatural asymmetrical loading. Back squats are fine if done properly and are part of the big picture. Cleans with two legs are fine. Slow single leg exercises are fine. So long as it’s safe and effective in a complete program any exercise is good for athletes.
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