Emperor’s New Exercises: Naked in the Netherlands


Frans Bosch has introduced some exercises with some outlandish claims of transfer. Like I mentioned before, his work is wonderful in theory, but I simply don’t agree with his approach to coaching, especially in the weight room and in strength development. His exercises are gross mongrel of weights and movements that seem to only add more complexity to exercises that need less complexity. Single leg exercises are not more specific if they compromise general characteristics that trump futile attempts to carryover more if they don’t create a better influence in the training program. Raw power and strength has transfer earlier in races and nothing beats sprinting and plyometrics later in the races. Step-ups and single leg olympic lift combinations are not sending a clear message to the body and dilute qualities that they could be developing. If they are not specific enough for sprinting, fail to develop an overload for strength and power, don’t have secondary adaptions to the fascial and hormonal systems of the body, why enormous resources such as time, coaching, and energy wasted?
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