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Things that are complex should be made simple. Simplification is not ignoring the details but looking at ways to remove unnecessary burdens in the training program. Still, if things were so KISS why are we not seeing everyone jump 8 feet in the high jump or run 12.8 in the 110m hurdles? The easy approach never works because what is good on paper never seems to work with little talent, previously injured athletes, bad environment, and just plain bad luck. I think coaching is just a good smart game of poker. Play your hand and know your limitations. One of my friends is a professional poker player and he looks at the game at what he can control. Often just a basic series of galloping jumps pose some serious thought, as distances and heights, and equipment demands are tough to juggle. Many times just keeping things simple leads to quick results and long term stagnations with bewilderment on why things are not improving. This year I am trying to focus more on fundamentals but keep an eye in the details that will need to be administered later.
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