Finding Snatchquatch and Sasquat


Why is finding actual video of speed guys lifting good numbers like finding bigfoot? Surely if people can post pictures and videos of themselves drunk, they can post a photo or video squatting 400+. I have been keeping my eyes open on this for years with no result. All I see is Mike Conley 1/8 squatting 405, Staffan Strand squatting 185, still photos of Kajsa with a bar on her shoulders that looks heavier than it actually is, and Asafa doing stepups with girl weight.- Mortac

This is a good point. Another point is what 400 pound squatters are looking great out of the blocks and in top flight mechanically? I have seen some great heavy squatters and olympic lifters that put all their eggs in one basket and run slow. Well rounded programs are the name of the game and it seems today that good lifting is a rare bird. Heavy loads with great form and doing the track work is not easy.
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