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With the recent debate on arm action, motor learning, and even core exercises, what do we get from Running: Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology in Practice by Frans Bosch and Ronald Klomp? What did many coaches get from his presentation in Chicago in 2007? Does single leg snatch to step up get results? Well I will share that his book is a rich resource and his research and presentation was thought provoking. Still, if I was in the Netherlands it would be Henk Kraaijenhof that I would visit as he produced the athletes he gave the example to in his presentation. After reviewing the IAAF performances of the Netherlands of the jumpers, many members here are stating that their is no real statistical evidence that Frans made an impact on the results. One of the many complaints is that no matter how great the theory is, you still got to coach people to do it and with no video evidence of change in technique with sprinters, many coaches got turned off. I will agree that his summary of sprinting is great, but his ability to share practical hands on information is yet to be determined by many members here.

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Carl Valle

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