Corrective Exercise Failures


Corrective exercises have their place in training but I have not seen enough results in evidence with real case studies to believe that some thera tubing and activation drills will fix injuries. Corrective exercises are often done during rehab periods, or periods when athletes are reducing training loads, stop competing or training, and paired with conventional methods, making one wonder what is doing the correcting? Those that prescribe corrective exercises are usually pseudo strength coaches with more gypsy nonsense to sell and often leave us with explanations why some of the exercises are contraindicated, inefficient, or without research to back up the claims stated on websites. What people are buying is just reruns of other people’s interpretations of physical therapy. Nothing wrong with corrective exercises with good strategies to reboot athletes each GPP but let’s get real, what people are doing is selling exercises (assessments) to sell you more (corrective) exercises. Cut the middle man and buy direct.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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