Advanced Ankle Mobility


Here is just an option to compliment your program, not a complete solution to ankle joint function. The great benefit of this exercise is that the joint has very little load on it and it allows you to to free up the foot as well. Remember to apply pressure to the opposite side of the footpad while doing the circles so that the to keep the middle of the foot from binding. What we are trying to achieve is foot motion similar to walking without being weighted and adding a little more dorsiflexion and ankle motion.

This exercise is in the DVD that we created and will be mailing out (finally after weeks) to those that bought a Black Star Labs sample pack. Anyone interested in the DVD please realize that we are only including it with those that order from BSL. If you order a sample case of ultrapeptide and cytofuse (9 or more bottles of each flavor) you will get the complete video.

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Carl Valle

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