Tyson vs. Bolt World Championship Prediction Game…win $100


We’re deep in to the heart of the international track and field schedule now and have only 3 weeks before the start of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Berlin. The season has had plenty of highlights so far but none greater than the solo fireworks of Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt. Reigning double World Champion, Tyson Gay, has the world leading performances of 9.77 and 19.58 to his credit. Olympic champ, Usain Bolt has a slew of equally ridiculous performances including several achieved under terrible conditions. With the two super sprinters not slated to race until Berlin, many fans are anxious to see if Tyson can at least push Bolt and maybe even do the impossible by beating the Jamaican monster. With this in mind, here’s a 3 part prediction game for all ELITETRACK members:

  1. If you can accurately predict the winner and their winning time in both the 100m AND 200m you can choose between $100 cash or a $200 credit with my company that can be used for services or to purchase items at the company store along with bragging rights as the top sprint prognosticator on the site. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY…just make your prediction on the forum for a chance to win. Each person can make one prediction and can only change your prediction prior to the first round of the 100m races in Berlin.
  2. If you can accurately predict the winner and their winning time in EITHER race then you’ll receive a $25 store credit. All other rules apply as above.
  3. If you purchase ANY items at the HPC company store between now and August 15th (following the 1st two rounds of the World Championship 100m) and use a coupon code ‘bolt‘, ‘tyson‘, or ‘other‘ you will receive an immediate 25% discount off your order and if your selected coupon code matches the name of the winner of the 100m race (or you select ‘other’ and someone other than Tyson or Bolt wins) you will receive an additional $25 store credit that can be used at any time including on the slate of new media and training products that will be released in upcoming months.

Make your predictions to the forum by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. Good luck.

Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young