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I went to the Mets and Redsox game last week and had the chance to see a client of our Elite Athlete Network in action. It was great to see the effects of world class therapy and body alignment work in action. Still, baseball is in a strange transition as the sport is being hit by a lot of doping issues. The BALCO fallout is going to be a blessing in disguise if athletes decide to be progressive in their training. The problem with Baseball is that many get by with talent and skill as the sport is more technical than absolute. Some athletes were infamous for not training or having bad lifestyles and competing at the highest level. Our HS and College baseball players this year will be hit with a lot of demanding training, influenced by Javelin and Decathlon work instead of old school methods of the past. The CBA doesn’t force athletes to workout at all, and if they do it’s just the strength work that is done because the sport is now long ball based. I must give credit to the coaches that get many of these guys in shape as the sport is more about motivation and education than performance enhancement. When kids are throwing in the 90s from bro-style workouts we must realize that just adding training to baseball has been a major step. Often athletes get better by simply lifting or just lifting correctly consistently.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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