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My favorite Mel Siff experience was at the SWIS conference in Toronto years ago. When he was reviewing the faith healing down by one world class therapist he was exposing the faith healing done by this guru. When the faith healer requested a volunteer to receive some tissue work I raised my hand nice and tall, but alas, he only was picking others to come up on stage. After the participants (clearly plants) were done, I raised my hand and even waived. He looked out and of course saw nobody (even when I stood up and waived my arm) as I wasn’t part of his smoke and mirrors. Mel reviewed the nonsense and it was a breath of fresh air. Now with the loss of Mel we are missing an important guardian of gurus and that’s how I think Reality Based Fitness can help.

Here are some topics I hope I can share with my interview with Patrick Ward on Reality Based Fitness. With a few months of blogging we have increased traffic nearly 40% and we get thousands of unique readers.

Are there other spine people we can learn from besides Mr. Mustache? Stu (McMillan) is an excellent resource but shouldn’t we try to learn from other spine experts as well?

Shirley Sahrmann is not interested in soft tissue therapy and many corrective exercise people follow her. Why do you think?

Where to get real training information, and get it for free or low cost.

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