Dancing with the Devil


Three cities in one week for soft tissue therapy you say? No graston or erchonia lasers but hands on manual therapy for sprinters. We will create a live blog to keep things hot while we are traveling. We also are working on the Wiki for a list of good therapists so please post anyone in your area to help the members of elitetrack.com find good therapists, be it chiros, massage, PTs, and doctors. We will be doing three phases of therapy thanks to the donations of several people:

  1. Texture and tone via an array of hands on manual work
  2. Structural Alignment via integration work
  3. Motor skill and length tension adjustments (Gait programming)

This athlete should be ready to go to hit 10.15 next year (National Record for European Nation). In the meantime enjoy the great music of Dave from BU on his music site.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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