Mike Barrowman on Medicine Balls


Mike Barrowman’s pure domination of the 200m Breastroke and NBC coverage of the process of getting the gold was inspiration for me to buy my own medicine ball and train. That year as a freshman in High School I asked my parents for training equipment so I could be like Mike. Included in the order was a guide from Vern Gambetta and Steve Odgers, exposing me to the term core or power zone. Those guys on the video were killing it for a monster circuit. We are not talking about 3 x 8, something you will see suggested in personal training summits, but torture sessions lasting 30 minutes or more. With most workouts by kids lasting 2-3 sessions of 1 hour or so at Performance centers, no wonder kids are fat today. Here is a great article you can read about the thought process behind such training by Mike. As you can see training requires generations of tinkering to fine tune a program. Building on Ryan’s comments of vast experience I feel I am 30% there in ten years of coaching in regards to understanding what can be done with medicine balls. I highly suggest you read this article as it makes you appreciate good thinking and makes you rethink work capacity.
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