El Diablo and Angel Cabrera


I am very proud of Angel for his win at the Master’s today and will comment on my status of being the devil’s advocate. My role is not popular since addressing things that we would rather not hear, is often difficult and can cause emotions to get the best of us. Currently the purpose of this blog is to ask the tough questions that demand a verdict, and guide discussion. Unfortunately we are witness to a dangerous mindset of who (country wise) is superior, and such an agenda is disgusting. When a doctrine of expertise is shared in a manner that is not factual, it pollutes an open forum such as elitetrack.com. I am not better than the coach next to me, but a guy that enjoys what Olympic sport offers to all of us, and we as coaches must provide information that can be replicated to others, and be open to others. My post on Zoology is proof of my respect to Russian athletes and coaches, but when American coaches and world class therapists are looked down on, because one person believes the East is superior, I will voice my defense with the keyboard. Right now it’s not easy to be an American with the war, the economy, and the drug scandals with sport but when great coaches are brushed aside by Russian propaganda I will take action and will continue to dump the kool-aid in Boston Harbor like the Sons of Liberty.
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