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The combative, sarcastic, and insulting remarks of more than one member of Elite Track as well Carl Valle, are a childish and immature reminder of all that is unfortunate regarding the democratic nature of internet forums.

Why it is that individuals choose to punctuate what might other wise be intelligent points with cheap shots and combative language, I’m not sure.

At any rate, as a coach who has limited free time I’m certainly uninterested in spending some of it here at Elite Track where, ironically, it is the senior members and staff who demonstrate a strikingly immature on-line persona.

Mike, I appreciate you offering me this opportunity to present my thoughts via a web log; however, I think I will walk away from this opportunity as quickly as I was offered it.

I’d like to publicly announce the respect I have for Mike Young and his contributions to the business and voice my concern regarding how absurd it is that an individual such as Mike should have to waste his time babysitting an internet forum whose own staff members such as Carl Valle seem to be compelled to antagonize others who share dissimilar views on sport training.

Short of a paradigm shift taking place here, this web log will likely be the last of my participation here on the Elite Track website.

James Smith
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James Smith

James Smith

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The Thinker is a student of Soviet and Eastern Bloc training methodologies and is engaged in the constant pursuit to further his own physical conditioning and coaching abilities. The Thinker’s aggregate of professional experiences include the disciplines of American Football, Athletics, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Military Special Operations, and many other Olympic sports. The Thinker is a Physical Preparation Coach (football) at a major D-1 University, the founder of www.powerdevelopmentinc.com, and Sports Training Q&A Staff Member at www.elitefts.com
James Smith

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