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The traffic on ELITETRACK has grown tremendously in the past couple months. The easiest account of this is how dang hard it is to keep up with all the great new blog entries and posts on the forum. This is great and it means that we are collectively becoming a community that is interested in learning from each other. For that I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributing to the success of the site. I’m learning more on here than I ever have. I think we’re really just at the tip of the iceberg though. With that, I’d like to offer up some ways you can help make the site better. Since most people won’t take the time to read a long treatise with many bullet points on the matter, I’m going to make quick individual posts over the next couple days. Please take the time to read them.

My first suggestion is to consider changing your screen name to your REAL NAME. In the past couple days we’ve had some problems with disrespectful forum posts…something which has largely been a rarity on ET for the past seven years. One way to curb this is to increase accountability and reduce anonymity on the site. At this point, I’m not going to force this on any pre-existing members but I am considering making it necessary for new registrations. I’d like to ask that existing users consider changing your screen name to your real name (first and last). This is something that I’ve long asked of our bloggers on the site and is now something I’d like to start seeing in our regular users on the site. I think this move shows your respect for others and reduces the likelihood of trolls hiding behind an anonymous screen name and acting like internet cowboys. 99.9% of the users who have otherwise anonymous screen names aren’t hiding anything and are respectfully contributing to the site. If this is you, I’d still ask you to consider changing your screen name to your first and last name as a show of solidarity against trolls who want to post bigoted and disrespectful posts anonymously.

Making the change is easy. Go to your control panel, select username and password option from the left side menu and change your screen name. This is the name that displays for forum postings and changes to the wiki. Don’t change your username unless you want to sign in with a different name. Thanks for your help and feedback is welcome. Do you think it will be helpful? Do you think it should be mandatory for new registrations?
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Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike has a BS in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University, an MSS in Coaching Science from Ohio University & a PhD in Biomechanics from LSU. Additionally, he has been recognized as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a Level 3 coach by USA Track & Field, a Level 2 coach by USA Weightlifting.
Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young