Omegawave or Ouijawave


Those vesting a lot of money and effort to any system (like the omegawave) with 60 jump tests and research of Russian sailors should do some more investigating. I do think some merit is there with Heart Rate Variability but let’s get real and start observing your athletes. While some great people are involved with this, so far not a shred of evidence can be shared of it’s effectiveness. Some simple solutions such as using a good HR monitor and a laptop can save you thousands while getting arguably 80% of the information you can get from such a gizmo. Perhaps the product is great for horses who have no choice but to eat, sleep, and run the way the trainer wants,but humans is a different story. We are buying a new HR monitor and will explore the research further to see if an opensource version can’t keep up the pace with the more expensive option.
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