Resistance to Accommodating Resistance and Strength Qualities


Accommodating Resistance gets a lot of bad publicity while getting hype that should be left alone. My belief is that with any method one should look at the method and see is it necessary, and if so what percentage of it is required to transfer better than not having it. In simple terms how much of the method represents your program? I have nothing against bands and chains as we have them at our facility but I feel that they represent 5% of a full program of strength methods. When I was emailed today that we have some coaches in the New Jersey area thinking that they have power benefits I was surprised we still have this problem. I would say no. While any influence in strength may help with power, the indirect route is not as effective as a safe and reliable direct route period. Elaborate schemes of various bands with intermediate level athletes (the bulk of athletes) is foolish. Powerlifters that do band work may find huge benefits from band work and I agree that they have a voice in the matter in the strength game but simple math tells me that band work will not have the effects of power that conventional methods do. Elastic bands are great for water balloon launchers but keep them out of the weight room unless you really know what you are doing and you have a high level athlete that would honestly benefit because of it. The same can be said for those obsessed with speed strength and strength speed. That quality is washed out when a complete program of modalities are used that hit the force velocity curve from all sides. I see an inverse relationship between squat quality and those using advanced methods, meaning the loudest shouts come from those with the least quality of technique.If I am doing speed, plyos, olympic lifts, and squats do I need band and speed strength workouts?
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