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Dbandre in his response to my earlier blog post was extensive and I had to reread his post a few times to ensure I didn’t misquote him. He has said some things that I don’t agree with and my goal is to take his knowledge and respond to his statements with a fine tooth comb. With such a long response each subject and argument can be another post. To simplify my post I believe that therapy on athletes in general can transfer to performance by removing muscular/fascia restrictions common with many sprinters from hard training. Many programs sprint, jump, lift and similar patterns of overload create common restrictions that will affect the athlete in his or her mechanics.

Dbandre states in regards to therapy affecting acceleration:

Will it make someone run faster over 10yds and then subsequently later over 40yds? Absolutely not.

This is an absolute statement saying that the tissue characteristics of a sprinter can not be manipulated to ensure better running mechanics by removing possible joint restrictions caused by tissue characteristics. With such a flagrant statement I am a loss for words as therapy has three levels of interaction with sprinters. The three are rehabilitation, recovery, and performance. Each level requires the previous level to be done so with this recession it’s best to be on Obama’s side and ask for bailout money in order to have a chance on getting access to this. Mechanics are influenced by the status (readiness) of muscular / fascia. If not, than athletes can run world class 30m times with no change in mechanics, even if slightly injured.
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