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What’s your 40 time? I don’t know anymore as I don’t see consistent timing and surface/testing venues. With track the 60m is uniform but with football we have grass, field turf, track, carpet, and wind. Hand times by scouts or by football people confuses me as reaction to first movement seems to bring up world class performances with those that are 6.6x 55m runners. What I can say is that everything is in context as the NFL combines is over two days while some are jammed into a short span of time.

What I do suggest is understand a kid doing a pro day at 9am is different than at noon, and what order the tests are done in is a big deal. Look at the context. I am in favor of combine testing as nobody else has brought up a better series of tests. One rep max cleans and other foolish ideas sound good in paper but look to be a problem when guys are trying to make the league. I like time and distance tests and weight tests are likely to be an interpretation disaster as one guy doing a wide stance good morning squat is not the same as a guy doing a deep clean style squat.
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