Evaluating a Training Plan Part 2- Practical Considerations


Demands of the Sport – Does the program address the demands of the sport that you are training for or is it one size fits all?

Qualities of the Individual Athlete– Does the program consider the physical qualities of the individual athlete. Strength and weaknesses in all physical qualities must be considered. Is there a remedial component to address any deficiencies.

Pattern of Injuries/Injury History– What are the common injuries in the sport you are preparing for? Does the program take into account the individual’s injury history.

“24 Hour Athlete” Concept– Does the program recognize that that you only train a limited number of hours a day, but that you have to work or go to school.

Time Frame Available to Execute the Plan– Is the time frame for the program arbitrary or does it take into account the varied adaptation rate for the different physical qualities. Miracle six programs generally do not meet this criteria.

Specific Goals– What are the specific goals of the program? Are they measureable and achievable given the time frame available.

Developmental Level– Does the program take into account your current state of fitness and current technical development in your sport?

Competition Schedule– Does the program take into account the varied demands of the competition schedule?

Recovery/Regeneration– Is there variation in the program and planned recovery ?

Equipment & Technology– Is the program based on equipment or technology that will not allow you to train if you do not have that equipment or technology.
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Vern Gambetta

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