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This is Seth Godin’s post from January 22, 2009. I read his blog every day. His ideas and thoughts always seem to give a kick start to my day. His focus is marketing, but if you think about it coaching is marketing. We have to have a brand and present a clear message about our brand. The text in italics are my comments, the bold text are Seth Godin’s words.

The five pillars of success

  1. See (really see) what’s possible
    My experience shows that we often sell ourselves short because we lack the vision to see what is possible. We must have a clear vision of the result we want to achieve, not a foggy picture.
  2. Know specifically what you want to achieve
    Be able to state it in measureable terms so that you can see progress toward your goals. That allows you to measure how you achieved your goal and be able to repeat it. It also allows you to assess the reasons why if you did not achieve your goal. Eliminate those mistakes and get on the correct path.
  3. Make good decisions
    The decisions you make should be based on experience and advice from others who have traveled similar paths. Don’t be lone ranger allow others to provide input, but remember the buck stops with you so you ultimately you have to make the decision.
  4. Understand the tactics to get things done and to change minds
    This is based on the ability to communicate. Remember communication has three dimensions, sending the message, listening to others message and sometime just being there.
  5. Earn the trust and respect of the people around you
    Actions speak louder than words in this regard. If you don’t walk the walk and just talk the talk it is impossible to gain respect.

It sure seems like we spend all our time on #4.
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