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Since my blog titles annoys my biggest fan I will continue to post more grandiose phrases to entertain myself. Roughly twenty years ago Milli Vanilli took the world by storm with their style and flash and sold millions of albums worldwide. Shortly after it was found out that the two singers were not the actual artists singing and it shattered their careers, resulting in one to overdose in a hotel in Germany. Strangely our industry lacks the same integrity as another pair of coaches seem to deploy other people’s work on DVDs without much original talent. Good research is required but remakes and covers are lame and should be left for boy bands and better artists. For example the late Heath Ledger did a wonderful job with the Joker character, giving an old villain a fresh view with new developments in the modern era. What saddens me is that cons can be labeled artists as well and their rogues gallery of friends seem to litter the web hocking ebooks and DVDs of poor quality. We now have a new generation of coaches learning to teach athletes to move like old men, program poorly, and rush through development.

So what to do? Well for those that asking why I post the negative so often I say that all it takes is me reaching out to one young coach and help them see some of the great coaches out there that have great books and DVDs to get them started on the right path. Ten years later they will likely to the same. If each person reaches out and help share great coaches, books, and experiences we can make the industry great again. I will start with a few recommendations of my own.

(1) Book or Manual- Modern Trends in Strength Training: Volume 1, Sets and Reps (Second Edition) (Paperback) by Charles Poliquin

A great start to have new coaches create an outline of their own methods. Not comprehensive but like I said outline of how to set up a good strength and power program. While other coaches will get critical you can see Poliquin’s influences on training in many programs. The book is short but offers a lot of great insite of how to create an overall program. I have seen many of CP’s mentored coaches and one thing that sticks out is attention to technique. While coaches can talk about max strength and corrective exercise till the cows come home, look at their youtubes of their own technique or their athletes that they brag about. Entertaining.

(2) DVD Lecture- HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic [DVD]

The HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic is a 2-disc DVD set that presents the eight sessions of the ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic that was conducted at the 2008 Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR. This DVD set features the best and the brightest in sports science and track and field including coaching legends Dan Pfaff and Tom Tellez. The breadth of information is incredible and very high level. The set is a great value at only $99.95 for more than six hours of information, ideas, and insights, including:

* I Can Do It in Practice, But Not in Competition-Motor Learning Explanations and Concepts (Will Wu) * Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics (Tom Tellez) * Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump (Tom Tellez) * Maximizing Competition Performance: The Warm-Up and Post-Activation Potentiation (Larry Judge) * Eccentric Strength Development: Specific Means for Specific Strength for the Jumps (Dave Kerin) * When Plateauing Is a Good Thing: Extending Peak Performance During the Competitive Phase (Mike Young) * Competition-Phase Micro-Cycles for the Elite Pole-Vaulter (Dan Pfaff) * Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches (Will Wu)

(3) Coaches – Randy Gillon, Michigan State University Sprints and Hurdles Coach. I have known Randy for years and his wisdom is uncanny. While I could go on and on his architecture of programming is superb. Modules interlock seamlessly and his attention to detail is what allows him to produce year after year.
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